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Future Projects

Water Board’s Future Planning

Our continued investments in water infrastructure protects current and future water consumers from unintended failures and water interruptions.  Our responsible infrastructure planning and management has enabled us to continue to deliver the quality customers expect year after year with minimal rate impacts.   Our continued ratepayer focus allows the Water Board to produce nearly four million gallons of safe and reliable drinking water on a daily basis. 

The 2011 earthquake in Japan resulted in heightened awareness of potential damage from a large earthquake off the Oregon Coast.  In response to increased concern, the Water Board is investigating methods of improving the resiliency of its dams, water storage and distribution infrastructure.  The Water Board is following guidelines set in the Oregon Resiliency Plan for seismic sustainability.


The Water Board began increasing the replacement rate of water mains in January of 2008.  These mains are generally range from 2-inch to 8-inch in diameter.  Most were installed in the 1950's, and internal and external corrosion of the mains causes reduced available service flow and frequent main breaks.  Since 2008, the Water Board has replaced several thousand feet of water mains that have met the end of their useful life.  The Water Board continues to plan and schedule water main replacement projects in the 2017-2018 annual budget.  Click here to view the Water Board’s capital improvement plan for fiscal year 2018.  

Future Water Main Replacement Projects

State Street – The Water Board has replacement of 335 linear feet of 6-inch cast iron water main scheduled for fiscal year 2017-2018 on State Street from Chester St. to Brussels St.  The old cast iron main will be replaced with a new 6-inch PVC water main at an estimated cost of $45,000.  Both design and installation efforts will be completed by Water Board staff.   Project Manager is Matt Whitty, Engineering Supervisor.   

Tank Asset Management Program

Brights Mill Reservoir:  150,000 gallons

Project Manager:  Bill Hagan

The Water Board is in the process of signing an agreement with SUEZ Inc. to refurbish its steel welded tanks and above ground reservoirs.  Over the next five years, tanks at Radar, Terramar, Brights Mill, Bay Park, Libby, Millington, and Isthmus Heights will receive new coating systems on the interior and exterior of each tank.  Each tank will also be modified to ensure that it meets OSHA safety standards while continuing to meet the regulatory standard for safe drinking water storage and supply within the water distribution system.  The work will ensure that each tank maintains its structural integrity while preventing replacement of the tank for many years to come.  

Water Board Campus Lighting Project

Project Manager:  Ivan Thomas

The Water Board campus lighting replacement project is scheduled for fiscal year 2018.  The project entails replacement of outdated and inefficient lighting on and around the Water Board campus located at 2305 Ocean Boulevard.  The Water Board is teaming with the Energy Trust of Oregon to receive promotions and grants for installation of a more sustainable and efficient LED lighting system.  The new lighting system will ensure that OSHA standards are met for after hour and non-daylight worker safety while utilizing motion sensor technology where possible. 

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