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Current Projects

Water Main Replacement Projects

Flanagan Road – The Flanagan Road water main replacement will replace 414 linear feet of 50 year old 2-inch diameter galvanized main with a new 2-inch PVC water main.  The scope of the project will run from Hwy 101 to West Howard Lane.  The budget for the water main replacement is $40,000.  The project has been designed by Water Board staff and will also be installed by Water Board staff.  The project is scheduled to begin August 7, 2017 and anticipated project completion is August 31, 2017.  Project Manager is Matt Whitty, Engineering Manager. 

North 8th Street – The North 8th St. water main replacement project has recently been awarded to Knife River Materials at a cost of $659,852.  The project will replace 2,140 linear feet of 14-inch diameter cast iron water main with a new 16-inch ductile iron pipe from Koos Bay Blvd. to Date St.  The project will also replace 750 linear feet of 8-inch cast iron pipe on Hemlock Ave. from North 8th running east towards Hwy 101.  The project will replace old pipe that is near the end of its useful life while increasing transmission capacity from the Pony Creek Water Treatment Plant into the City of North Bend and customers north of the bay.  The project is scheduled to begin August 7, 2017 with an estimated completion of November 11, 2017.   Project Manager is Matt Whitty, Engineering Supervisor.   

Water Board Crew –

Liquid Poly Aluminum Chlorohydrate (ACH) Solution Tank Replacement

Jerre Cover, Water Treatment Supervisor/Project Manager

The Pony Creek Treatment Plant uses ACH as a coagulant to clump particulate matter together in water in the coagulation and flocculation processes. These processes aid the sedimentation process or the process that settles out particulates in the water.  This chemical is used in our water treatment process 365 days a year.

The current tank has a capacity of 9,000 gallons and is 26 years old.  The tank is showing its age and has a very small contained leak. This tank will be replaced and relocated this summer with 2 smaller Polyethylene tanks with a combined capacity of approximately 7,000 gallons.

Water Board Crew –

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