On Thursday, July 27, 2017, a test of the Pony Creek Dam Warning System will take place.  The test of area sirens is being conducted by Coos Bay-North Bend Water Board.  The purpose of this test is to give the public an opportunity to hear the siren and familiarize themselves with the audible warning should a dam breach occur.  Sirens located at the North Bend High School and the Water Board Service Center will be activated at 10 a.m. for one test.  The test will consist of a three minute (15 seconds on – 10 seconds off) siren blast representing a dam failure warning.

If you live inside the dam breach evacuation zone and hear the siren at a time that is not a scheduled test, head for higher ground immediately.

For more information please call the Coos Bay-North Bend Water Board at 541-267-3128.