Oregon is experiencing some of the lowest rainfall amounts in decades and the lowest snowpack level on record. Ninety-eight percent of the state is experiencing drought, and as a result, 20 counties are under drought declarations, including Coos County (Coos County Board of Directors; June 11, 2015).

This information is concerning and we have received numerous calls from customers regarding the drought and its effect on the Coos Bay – North Bend Water Board’s water supply. Rob Schab, Water Board General Manager, recently released this statement:

“In 2001, the Coos Bay – North Bend Water Board completed a water supply expansion project. The project tripled the water supply strorage capacity of Upper Pony Creek Reservoir. As such, adequate water even during drought years can be stored in amounts sufficient to meet annual community water demands. The Water Board anticipates adequate supplies through late 2015 and the beginning of the rainy season.”

There currently are no restrictions on water use. While we have adequate supplies to meet our current and immediate future needs, we continue to ask all customers to please “use water wisely”. Responsible use of this precious resource will reduce the impact of the drought and help to ensure adequate supplies into the future.

For more information on wise water use, click on the ‘Water Conservation’ tab  on this website or go to www.epa.gov/watersense. For information on current drought conditions visit www.drought.oregon.gov.